Whitstable Area Guide

Whitstable is a coastal town located in the county of Kent. This town offers visitors a delightful blend of natural beauty, historic charm and culinary excellence! Known for its picturesque landscapes, vibrant arts scene and incredible seafood. Whitstable is a destination that caters to travelers seeking a relaxed and authentic coastal experience.


Visit Whitstable Harbour

Explore the enchanting charm of Whitstable Harbour, a picturesque oasis that stands as one of the few remaining working harbours.

Enjoy Whitstable Markets every weekend by the Harbour. Selling locally sourced goods and fine arts, you will have a great selection of products to choose from. They also offer an excellent and diverse range foods such as freshly caught fish and delicious juicy burgers. The Harbour is also said to be one of the best places to try Whitstables famous oysters, with several stalls offering to open the oysters for you!

You can also travel on the sailing barge ‘Greta’ and experience an exciting excursion out to the forts and wind farm.

Take a trip to The Old Neptune

Make sure to check out The Old Neptune or ‘The Neppy’ according to the locals. This building is steeped in history and in 1897 was completely destroyed by a great storm. Fast forward to today and this building stands proud after being rebuilt reusing timber from the original structure with materials from other buildings that were also destroyed by the storms.

This quirky pub can be found on the beach. Yes, that’s correct, not by the beach or close to the beach, it is literally placed right on top of it! Serving truly traditional British pub foods such as delicious fish & chips and mouthwatering pie and mash, the menu is truly scrumptious! Enjoy a pint, good food and even better live music from local artists.

Whitstables Seafood Scene

Whitstable offers a delightful food and beverage scene, with a particular focus on fresh seafoods.

Find a variety of dishes from fish and chips, crab, lobster and more at the many restaurants and quaint eateries. A great place to visit it Wheelers Oyster Bar. This iconic establishment has a rich history and is celebrated for its outstanding seafood offerings (with a particular emphasis on oysters). The quirky pink building is also great place for a quick snap!

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