Furnishing and Styling your Holiday Let Property

Sunday 2nd December, 2018 by Host & Stay

When it comes to the interior styling and furnishing of your holiday let or SA, this is your opportunity to create stand out versus your competition. I would even go as far as saying that your styling and furnishing could make or break your property’s success.

So how do you ensure you don’t get lost heading down the wrong route?

For each of our own holiday let projects our objective is always to provide a premium product, that has charm, character and attention to detail. Our process on interior styling starts from the very first viewing of the property as it’s at this point that you should begin to get a feel for the property, what characteristics it has, what period it was built, what story it has to tell – and these ideas should very much begin to fuel the direction you take the styling of the property.

Once a project is underway we will begin creating Pinterest Boards for the project, with a different board for each room in the property. As well as perhaps a general theme board for any ideas we have that we can’t initially classify to a certain room, but that may help us with the direction when purchasing further down the line.

Once the Pinterest Boards have taken shape, we will take these images and create PDF Styling sheets for each room in the property and these will be given to the on site project manager along with our property manager who is responsible for the purchasing of interior furnishings.

The style sheets are then used alongside detailed floor plans to begin mapping a layout for each room in the property. This then allows us to establish what furniture will be in each room. The more holiday Let and SA projects you complete, the easier this will become and the more you find your “go to” setup. As an example we install a zip bed in at least one bedroom in every property. This allows for easy creation of two twin beds from a king size bed whilst creating flexibility for us and our guests.

From these style sheets and floor plans, we then collate a full furnishing buying list for each room and area within the property, and usually we will aim for 2/3 options per required item.

Once complete, we will review the purchasing list and begin deciding which items to purchase in order to get a finalised purchasing list versus the allocated budget.

To furnish a property a property to high standard, we typically work to the following budgets: 1 bedroom or studio we would look to spend around £5k, a 2 bedroom property around £7k to £7.5k, a 3 bedroom around £8k, and 4 bedrooms around the £10k.

If interior styling is something you feel you need help with to really maximise the potential of your Holiday Let, then get in touch and we’ll be happy to help you along the way.

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