Easy & Convenient Property Access for your Guests

Monday 4th February, 2019 by Host & Stay

When it’s time for your guests to arrive and access the property for their check-in, you have several options to explore as an owner.

It may be that you would like to welcome each in guest in person, and therefore you arrange to meet them at the property with the keys and offer a warm welcome. But, if like most, you’re looking to provide a simple hands free approach like we do at Stay North Yorkshire, then you are going to need a process for your guests to obtain keys at the property via a keysafe or via use of a keyless entry system.

A keysafe is a simple option and one that you can have up and running quickly and cost effectively. A product that we use and advocate across many of our properties is the Supra C500 coded Key Safe which comes in at around £55. It has been police accredited and is a reliable solution for storing your keys close to your main access door for guest collection.

If you’re setting up your Holiday Let as part of a refurbishment or uplift project, then it maybe worth looking at keyless entry systems. There are a number of systems on the market, from simple keyless lock solutions with a code plate located next to the handle, to fully integrated systems that allow you to control the keyless entry and code combinations directly from your mobile phone. Although such systems maybe expensive for a single property, if you have multiple units in the same building, or have a sufficient volume of properties that this style of access management is required, then they can certainly provide an easy to manage and seamless solution both for you and your guests.

On check-out, we often ask the guests to return the keys to the keysafe if the property is an apartment within a block with shared access. And if the property is standalone alone, then we’ll ask our guests to simply post the keys through the letter box and our changeover team will ensure they are returned to the keysafe.

Keysafes and Keyless entry systems will allow a hands-free approach to running your business and allow more opportunity to really scale your business, but without that personal/face to face interaction with your guests – remember to find other ways to ensure your guests are happy, well informed and responded to promptly.

At Host and Stay North Yorkshire, we ensure our guest communication is seamless from start to finish with guests receiving access information seven days prior to their arrival. With our fully managed service, our owners don’t need to worry about how access can be obtained or handling any guest queries – we take care of everything, leaving you to sit back and relax. Get Started with us today.

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