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Thursday 11th July, 2019 by Host & Stay

Knowing how to put your own stamp on your holiday let can be tricky. In today’s blog, we will talk you through simple ways to make your property stand out from the crowd and most importantly, entice potential customers to book.


You want your guests to remember your property and leave rave reviews. To do that, it’s important to add character to your property. Splashes of personality and drops of history throughout your holiday home will make a great impact. Where is your holiday home located and based on this, can you incorporate a theme or story?

The Artists Pad in Saltburn is jam packed with eccentricity and quirkiness. The decor really lives up to its name with the real focus of art established throughout the property. It is decorated and furnished to the highest standard with designer furniture and collectables as well as works by local and international artists adorning each room.

Similarly, our View Point Apartment in Port Mulgrave completely embodies its name and location. One of the main selling points of this property is the amazing views of the sea and the cliffs so the unbridled view from a large front window is a must. From there you can spot tasteful nods to the Yorkshire Coast throughout the property with photos, wall art, cushions and ornaments.


Deciding whether or not to make your holiday home dog-friendly can be a tough decision for some owners. A lot of our properties sit on the North Yorkshire Coast, so we understand that making our properties dog-friendly is a huge plus. With beaches, moorland and dog-friendly pubs / restaurants throughout North Yorkshire it seems like a no brainer.

If you’re undecided, it’s important to understand the demand. Is your property in a sought-after location for dog-friendly breaks? Would you increase bookings by welcoming dogs? It is something worth considering if you feel it could make your property stand out to your competitors.


If your property has outdoor space, make use of it. Beautiful gardens and cosy courtyards are a great selling point and can be crucial for lots of people when booking their holiday.

The Nook in Saltburn is a fabulous example of utilising outdoor space. The lush greenery adds privacy and looks beautiful. Coupled with a dining table, it makes the area perfect for dining, relaxing and entertaining. The stunning views of the coast also help too!

If you have the space, adding an outdoor hot tub can be another selling point for your property. Aysgarth Nook is an example of how brilliant this can work in your property’s garden. Just remember to have your hot tub ready for your guests arriving.


Having entertainment for your guests helps to boost those crucial star ratings.

Simple additions like books and games will make your holiday let feel homely and will appeal to lots of different potential customers. Greengate Cottage in Hutton Le Hole does this very well with cupboards full of board games and shelves packed with books. This kind of entertainment suits the holiday home perfectly and adds to the relaxing vibe of the countryside property.

As well as offline entertainment, it’s pretty much the norm now for properties to include tech like smart TVs, Wi-Fi and speaker systems. For a lot of guests this makes them feel at home and gives your property those added bonus points.


Make your guest feel special. If you can meet them in person to welcome them to your holiday home, this will leave a lasting impression. If you’re unable to, it’s a great idea to leave them a welcome message.

The Artist Pad do this on their colourful blackboard which suits the property to a tee, but you could also leave a simple note.

It’s also worth leaving any relevant information, Wi-Fi passwords and recommendations so your guest has as much information as they could need in one place. Some properties include local goods such as chocolate and sweets in their welcome pack which adds a really personal touch. Once your guest has checked in, it’s important to keep up communication. Ask if they’ve settled in okay and if they need any assistance – your guest will recognise the effort.

What works for one holiday home won’t work for every holiday home. Think of your property and your guest’s experience – what would you expect from your holiday home if you were paying for it?

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