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Wednesday 3rd March, 2021 by Host & Stay

If you’re looking to let your property, whether it’s a holiday cottage, apartment, or anything else, you should use a professional letting agency rather than doing it yourself.

Firstly, help from a Holiday home letting agency ensures that your property can make a reasonable profit consistently over time, but it’s not all about money.

Using a holiday home letting agency also considerably reduces stress, worry, and anxiety for homeowners. All of these kinds of issues come as part and parcel of letting your property on your own, without any support. 

However, because there are so many letting agencies available, choosing one can be difficult and it can be complex finding the perfect fit for what you want to achieve with your holiday home let. Even if you discount those that don’t specifically focus on holiday lets, you’re still left with a very broad and varied choice, and the whole process can be confusing and frustrating. 

But fear not. Host North Yorkshire are here to simplify things thanks to a transparent, honest process with one goal in mind – To minimise your stress and increase occupancy to your holiday property.

How Homeowners Benefit from A Local Holiday Lettings Agent such as Host North Yorkshire

Using a local holiday home letting agency benefits you in many ways and substantially reduces the hassle when compared to trying to do it yourself.

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Quick Response Times

First and foremost, any issues from guests are handled quickly by our friendly team of experts. They are on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so if anything goes wrong at your property someone is available to offer a solution quickly and effectively. 

This means that your guests aren’t left waiting days for the correct course of action to be taken. It also means many problems can be nipped in the bud before they escalate into major issues. 

As a homeowner, you therefore don’t have to worry whatsoever or even lift a finger, as we handle it all for you.

Local Knowledge

Local holiday letting agents are likely to know the area and are therefore able to market your property & the surrounding area more effectively.

Local holiday letting agents are more likely to employ reliable local staff with swathes of local knowledge, who understand the tourism and attractions in the area that appeal to people. This means they have the means and methods of getting your property in front of the right clientele. 

This means that those times when your holiday home is empty and not occupied, a professional agency like ourselves have local knowledge that helps us understand how to attract people to visit your property. 

Our staff know about local events and how to tie your property into these events, and understand the complexities around bringing in new tenants, and vitally, creating a buzz that means that guests keep on coming back. 

All of this ensures a profit on your property consistently spread over the year and your occupancy is maximised.

Boosting the Local Economy

You also know that you are contributing to the local economy if you use a local property letting agency such as Host North Yorkshire. Our staff are local and bringing more people into local areas helps local businesses to thrive and survive.

Even better, you’re not just boosting the local economy but you’re actually benefiting from it yourself with the income you generate from your holiday home let. 

So, it’s a case of the best of both worlds for homeowner and the local area.

Bespoke Customer Service

With a local agency, you’re not just another cog in the machine of an enormous, global company. 

Instead, you’re a highly valued customer of a local business full of local staff, who have your best interests at heart. You won’t get lost in the noise at Host North Yorkshire, and we take the same amount of care and consideration with every one of our customers. 

This means that we make sure you get a friendly, personal service you and your property deserve.

How Your Guests Benefit from Local Holiday Cottage Letting Agents

But it’s not all about you. We also provide a fantastic service for guests of local holiday lets, too. 

Happy Guests, Happy Life

If your guests are happy and feeling the benefit from your holiday home, then so will you. This is because they’ll keep on coming back for more, they’ll help spread the word, and they’ll leave ever-important reviews to sway potential customers.

Happy guests are not only more likely to return and leave high quality, positive feedback. They’re also much more likely to book in advance. This gives homeowners an additional layer of security which is absolutely crucial. 

It means that you can estimate your income and profit for the year early in the season, giving you less of a headache further down the line when it comes to occupancy and interest in your holiday let. 

This makes one of the main benefits for your guests convenience, and convenience for both guests and holiday homeowners is of paramount importance to Host North Yorkshire. 

Instant, Helpful Assistance

Again, if any problems arise or questions need answering, be it local attractions or simply how to get into the property, we are here to help. 

With Host North Yorkshire, your guests know that if something isn’t working, they aren’t left waiting for somebody to come from the other end of the country to try and fix it. 

A local company means local workers and local staff. If something needs fixing, we can fix it. If a question needs answering regarding the property or the area, we can answer it. 

A local holiday letting agency like Host North Yorkshire is therefore much better positioned to assist your guests than any national businesses offering a similar service.

Local Knowledge and Peace of Mind

As well as all of this, guests can benefit from a wealth of local knowledge with Host North Yorkshire. This adds an additional level of relaxation for guests, meaning that from the moment they find your property on the website they know they’re in safe hands.

We can guarantee that whichever one of our staff is dealing with your holiday cottage, flat, or home will have first-hand knowledge and experience of the area it’s located in. 

They’ll know your property inside out, know all the local amenities and will be available to offer advice and tips on anything guests might struggle with. This covers local history to great days out, and everything in between.

If your potential guest needs something specific, like easy access to local shops or directions to a petrol station or nature walks in the area, the agent can answer with certainty and confidence.

This simply isn’t provided with larger, national holiday letting agencies. It’s a service that’s bespoke to a local holiday home letting agency such as Host North Yorkshire. 

Our staff are well-trained and from the area they work in, so they know what it is they’re talking about and are comfortable handling any and all requests from guests and property owners alike.

Comprehensive Service from a Local Agency

Host North Yorkshire are your perfect partners for your holiday letting. 

We have knowledge of the areas we serve and know all the tricks of the trade to make your property look its best and attract guests. From expert interior design and refurbishment, to housekeeping and incredible customer service. Not to mention tried and tested marketing techniques, professional photography and advertising methods that are proven to attract interest. 

All of this means that Host North Yorkshire have everything in place to make a success of your North Yorkshire property, and it’s something we’ve done for lots of extremely happy clients and customers over the years.

Providing high-quality accommodation means that everybody is happy. Guests enjoy a short stay in a fantastically maintained holiday cottage or property, with all questions answered quickly and efficiently.

Meanwhile, holiday homeowners make the most out of their holiday homes and properties with a five star accommodation service that works with their goals in mind. 

We provide our holiday homeowners with an increased revenue stream month on month thanks to our highly professional services and access to over 60 global channels. This means we can work together to treat guests to a stay of a lifetime in one of the most beautiful areas of the world – North Yorkshire.

Get in Touch

At Host North Yorkshire, we are personal, professional, and passionate about the service we provide to our customers.

We are property investors ourselves, which means we understand the industry better than anyone and know how to make the most out of your North Yorkshire holiday homes. 

We’re eager to use our incredibly high-level of specialist expertise to lead change in an age-old market and our goal is simple. To increase the revenue on your holiday cottages or apartments on a consistent basis and provide five star accommodation services to our customers.

To find out more or get some advice on how you can maximise the profits on your holiday home in England, give us a call on 01287 658 171 or an email at

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