How to make your property inviting for Christmas

Tuesday 21st December, 2021 by hostandstay

In 2019, VisitEngland’s Christmas Trip Tracker showed that 14.5 million Brits planned an overnight trip in the UK during Christmas and New Year, bringing an estimated £2.9 billion boost to the economy. 

If you are welcoming guests to your holiday home over the festive period, you may be looking at ways to make your property feel cosier and more welcoming to the holidaymakers. 

There are slight subtle changes which can make a huge difference to not only your guests, but your property…

Decorate the front entrance

The front door and archway are the first impressions guests will get of the property, so it’s important they stand out.

At Christmas time, a wreath is a great way to brighten the exterior of the property, and with many colour and style options, you’re guaranteed to find one to match your property’s exterior. They’re readily available to pick up in supermarkets and shops, or if you’re feeling extra creative, have a go at making your own.

Make use of scented candles

Who doesn’t love the smell of a pumpkin spiced cinnamon candle?!

Placing individual candles in your windows and around your home is the perfect way to create a cosy feel. You could even make a centerpiece with other decorations together on your table. 

Scents like pine, cranberry, cinnamon and apple pie remind us of Christmas and can add a subtle, yet magical touch. Scattering candles throughout the home helps to bring a sense of cosiness alongside festive ambience and nostalgia. Just the smell of mulled wine could send your guests back to a family Christmas party in their younger years!

Fairy lights

Having a bright, well-lit home is much better than a dark, unwelcoming property and the use of Christmas lights are a beautiful addition to any home. 

Wrapped around the tree, draped on the banister, or lining the windows, Christmas lights will bring a magical explosion of brightness wherever they’re used with a little added twinkle. 

Also use lights to decorate branches and large shrubs in an effort to make your garden extra merry. For a polished, more complete look, use hedge trimmers to make sure your shrubs are in tip-top shape before you start decorating them with lights.

Sweet tooth

Christmas is the time to indulge; whether it’s candy canes or chocolate selection boxes, everyone loves to release their inner child at Christmas. 

It’s a nice touch to leave bowls full of nibbles around the table for your guests to enjoy at their leisure and can also go a long way in terms of customer service.


Rockin’ around the Christmas tree

Nothing says Christmas time more than the constant loop of festive songs! They come packed with feelings of happiness and nostalgia and will likely help to boost your guests’ festive spirits.

Why not include an iPod with docking station for the guests, or even a CD/Vinyl player if you have one?

Nothing completes a festive stay like the epic sound of Christmas music.

Change cushion covers

It only takes a couple of minutes and is a subtle change but swapping to Christmas covers to go with the time of year makes a huge difference. 

This is a quick and easy solution to make your property feel more festive, and your guests to feel welcomed and appreciated during their stay.

Layer up on soft furnishings 

Soft furnishings are the simplest way to add an extra level of indulgence to your spaces without the need for any DIY or too much expense. To get your rooms set for Christmas entertaining, look for cushions, throws and blankets in luxurious finishes such as velvet, wool and boucle. 

As the main social hub of the home, focus on the living room first, adding soft cushions and wool blankets to your sofa that will encourage people to curl up and get cosy.

Prepare the bedrooms

The guest rooms should feel like a home away from home – creating a tranquil space is key to ensuring a memorable stay for your visitors. 

Think beautiful fresh bedding with restful, earthy tones — along with fluffy white towels, calming diffusers, hairdryers, tea bags and blankets for when the temperature tumbles (hot water bottles also go down a treat).

Wrap up this Winter

There’s nothing better than locking the cold out and sealing in the warmth. Indoor solutions like insulation will ensure that cosy indoor feeling lasts all Winter and makes your guests feel right at home. 

We hope we have helped with some hacks to make your property welcoming this Christmas for guests you may have visiting.

For more information on our holiday home management services and to become a Host visit https://hostandstay.co.uk/host/.

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