Fully Furnished Holiday Lets Management

Blue Fox Rentals, now Host & Stay, is a property management company that specialises in Fully Furnished Holiday Lets rentals. We offer a full range of services to help you manage your rental property.

Holiday Let Management in Kent

Host & Stay (formerly Blue Fox Rentals) provides exceptional management services for Holiday Lets in the county and surrounding areas of the south east. With us, you can rest assured that your Holiday Let property is well-maintained, fully furnished, and kept up to your exacting standards.

Host & Stay (Formerly Blue Fox Rentals) Fully Furnished Holiday Lets Properties

Holiday Lets in Kent offer a unique opportunity to travel while still enjoying the comforts of home. With Host & Stay (formerly Blue Fox Rentals), you have access to comprehensive Fully Furnished Holiday Let Management in Kent, with their experienced team offering an unparalleled level of service.

For Property Owners

Holiday Lets and Short-term lets in Kent just became more accessible and hassle-free!

Blue Fox Rentals, now Host & Stay, provides exceptional property management services for Holiday Lets and Short-term Lets in Canterbury, Whitstable and Thanet and surrounding areas of the south east.

With us, you can rest assured that your Holiday Let property is well-maintained, professional cleaned and consistently delivering great guest experience. This worry-free service provides guests with a quality and comfortable stay, leaving them happy and ready for their next break. With our dedicated experienced local staff and extensive network of vetted suppliers, Holiday Let homeowners can relax knowing their Holiday Let is in the best hands.

Each Holiday Let receives our dedicated attention from regular maintenance checks and property inspections to making sure it is ready for each guest.

Trust us to ensure a smooth process for Holiday Lets management in Kent!

At Blue Fox Rentals, now Host & Stay, we can help you all the way from thinking of purchasing a new property, mortgage advisor access, interior design and staging the property to prepare your property ready to welcome guests.

At Host & Stay, our passion for Holiday Lets knows no bounds and our commitment to customer satisfaction is a top priority in every aspect of what we do—it’s no surprise that Holiday Let customers keep coming back for more!

For Guests

Are you ready for your next holiday? At Host & Stay (formerly Blue Fox Rentals) we handpick some of the best properties in the area in terms of location. Whether you are traveling on holiday as family, with kids, with pets or you are traveling for work reasons, we are here to help. We like to understand our guests and try to find the property that will best suit their needs and enjoy a great stay with our support along the way.

With Blue Fox Rentals, now Host & Stay, you have access to a Fully Furnished Holiday Let where you can move in and every detail is being taking care of so you just have to sit back and relax and enjoy your stay. All properties are self-catering accommodation but have all the amenities and bills included to ensure a smooth living from the moment you arrive at the property.

Our local team of experts can help you find the right property for your break as well as support you during and after your stay for any issues or concerns you may have. We want every guest to have a fantastic experience in Kent and come back and recommend us to their friends and family. We take feedback seriously and continuously work hard to improve the guest experience and ensure the properties deliver high quality and comfort to our guests offering an unparalleled level of service by our dedicated Guest team support.

So whether you are planning your next holiday or staycation break or you are digital nomad looking for your next holiday or short-term stay, please don’t hesitate to stay in touch with us!

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Optional Services

We can support you with delivering all those other unanticipated jobs at your property to make sure it remains in excellent condition for you and your guests. Our pay-as-you-go maintenance services include additional property visits as well as sourcing goods and services from our trusted tradesmen.

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