Why Holiday Letting In Whitby Is a Great Idea

What is Holiday Letting?

Holiday letting is the process of allowing someone to let, hire, or rent your property for a short period of time in a holiday destination. North Yorkshire and the Yorkshire coast are great places to let your home out as there are many people who wish to visit the area during the summer months. For people who want to stay in or around Whitby, you act as the host and welcome them into your property. This can be a house, a cottage, or almost any kind of residential building. It’s a temporary home from home for your guests and doesn’t require any business know-how to get started.

In fact, it’s something you could start almost right away.

Why Holiday Letting Whitby?

Whitby is an extremely popular destination for holidaymakers for a variety of reasons, holiday lets in Whitby have a lot to offer. This is great news for those who own property in the area as the busier the let is, the more income you stand to make from it. Of course, the holiday lets in North Yorkshire can provide are not limited to Whitby, as the holiday lets Sandsend has are just down the road, and the whole of the Yorkshire coast is popular. But let’s examine Whitby in a little more detail to see why such places are great choices for holidays.

The town has something for everyone. From museums to arcades, beautiful old architecture and more modern buildings, a ruined abbey, nightlife, Dracula-themed attractions, a beach and seafront, quiet spaces and bustling places, you’ll always be able to find something to do. Pubs and restaurants add to the charm, and many people are attracted by something that is quintessentially British – fish and chips. Whitby fish and chips are some of the finest in the country. There’s something special about locally caught fresh fish and perfectly fried chips, and that alone causes many people to visit.

It’s clear that there are people who return time after time, and new visitors always develop a positive impression while they look around. To truly appreciate Whitby, a visitor must spend more than a few hours in the town and so somewhere to stay overnight, for a weekend, or even a week or two is a must – and holiday lets make this very possible.

Holiday Lets Whitby vs Hotels

Hotels are always popular places to stay but there are certain downsides for the guest when choosing hotels over holiday lets.

Hotels run on a strict schedule – breakfast at this time, evening meal at this time, and don’t cause too much trouble in-between! Keep it down, and don’t let your kids play in the hallways! As your Whitby holiday let will be a real residential building such as a house or cottage, it will include a kitchen that can be used whenever needed. Meals can be prepared when the guests wake up, and they are not controlled by the manager of a hotel. If they’ve had a busy day or a late night, they can have a lie-in, and it isn’t a problem.

Plus, you’ll have a washing machine that can be a boon if they’ve been out on the beach and have some clothes or towels that need cleaning up. The kids can play whenever they want to and there will be no other guests to disturb, and there’s a good chance your let will have a back garden to further entertain them. Multiple reception rooms and bedrooms also help to make a holiday run smoothly. Once back at a hotel, the whole family may be in one room together, which can lead to arguments and reduce the enjoyment of the holiday. With a home that has a kitchen, lounge, bedroom, and maybe other rooms too, it is simple for different family members to spread out and “do their own thing” whenever they want to it.

Why Not Airbnb Or Other Online Travel Agents?

An alternative option is to choose to use Airbnb or any of the other OTAs out there. You’ll be able to let out your house, and people from around the country – or even the world – can take a look at your listing and choose you as their desired holiday let in Whitby. In fact, we know that these companies provide a great service, and we use OTAs as part of our complete marketing strategy. But whichever OTA you might be familiar with, you’ll find that Host North Yorkshire improve on the underlying service. The downside for many people is that to use Airbnb and other OTAs is that it is essentially a do-it-yourself job. In itself, that’s no bad thing – they’ll happily show your property to anyone who might be interested, or anyone who searches in the area, and they’ll help you to arrange your calendar.

However, this simplicity require you to write the advert yourself, take your own photos, and even arrange for people to get in through the front door when they arrive. If you’ve never let a building or even a room before this can be quite daunting and you’re never quite sure about what’s around the corner. On the other hand, Host North Yorkshire take care of all of this for you and makes sure you get in front of as many people as possible by leveraging multiple OTAs. We also assist with photography and writing descriptions, but more on that later. Letting out holiday properties shouldn’t cause great amounts of stress. Whitby is a desirable location so finding guests isn’t too hard, but the management of your property is what causes many first-time-letters (not to mention second or third time) to struggle and stress over the details.

And as holiday let management specialists, that’s exactly where we come in.

It’s Easy To Do With Host North Yorkshire

At Host North Yorkshire we try to make everything as simple and straightforward for you as possible as you prepare to let out your property. There are guests already searching for places to stay in Whitby (they can almost taste the fish and chips already) and they could very easily choose yours. The average amount of time that guests spend in holiday lets in the area is 2.5 nights, and at an average rate of around £128 per night it can soon add up. A one-bedroom property can accrue £27,500 per year, whereas a 4-bedroom property can make as much as £47,500. It’s definitely worth getting started sooner rather than later. The difference between Host North Yorkshire and using an OTA service as an individual is the amount of work that we do to get the most guests for you. We provide the holiday let management Whitby needs to get properties online and advertised easily.

The process is organised and simple as all you need to do is contact our team by email on info@hostyorkshiredales.com or call us on 01287 658171. After the initial phone call, we’ll arrange to meet you, the owner, and go through everything in more detail. By meeting you at the property we’ll see exactly what is on offer and give you guidance on the way forward, as well as answering any questions that you may have. We won’t let you go into holiday letting without giving you all the facts and figures first. We’ll always treat each host as an individual, offering advice on presentation and pricing based on our assessment of the current local market. We’ll make sure your pricing is optimised – if it’s too high, you’ll miss out on bookings, but if it’s too low people may not consider your property to be “quality” enough. It’s a fine line, but we’re confident we can establish the correct pricing for your house.

When we have all the details to hand, we’ll create an individual 4-year forecast for your property. This will show the potential yearly profits from your holiday let which will help you understand where you’ll be positioned over the coming months and years. We’ll then discuss the forecast with you and the implications it may have, and if you’re happy to proceed we’ll begin the process of getting your holiday let online.

Showing The Best Side Of Whitby Holiday Lets

Creating a description for your property is one of the most difficult parts of the process, but you’re certainly not on your own. If you had chosen to try an OTA, you’d now be in the process of pulling out your camera to take some pictures and attempting to write an appealing description of your property.

Holiday lets in Whitby will virtually sell themselves, right? Wrong! A poor description can put off even the keenest guest, and they say that a picture is worth a thousand words – if it’s a bad picture, what’s it saying about your property? Your holiday home need to be shown in the best light possible, and we do everything we can to make sure that this is the case. We’ll organise professional property photography to capture the look and feel of your property, and our experienced copywriter will create a detailed and high-quality description of your holiday home. When your choice is “Kitchen with cooker and washing machine” or “Beautifully decorated kitchen with contemporary fittings while retaining a classic style, the integrated hob and oven make cooking a breeze. Keep your beachwear sparkling with the fast spin washing machine that can be programmed to clean even the sandiest towels”, which would you be more likely to choose? Painting a picture with words and topping it off with professional photography will ensure that your property generates the maximum interest.

At Host North Yorkshire, we’re proud of what we do, and we’re proud of our hosts and their properties. That’s why we aim to get the very best from you by placing the details of your Whitby holiday let on our own website, but not just stopping there. As we mentioned earlier, OTAs can show your property to a vast number of people, so we also list your property on over 60 online travel agencies to give you the greatest possible reach.

Your Property Doesn’t Have To Be Perfect

We’re happy to make recommendations for your property that can take it to the next level. It really doesn’t have to be perfect, but little changes can go a long way towards making it more desirable for your guests. They might not even be changes you would normally consider. Due to our experience in holiday lets in North Yorkshire, we know what works and attracts guests, and what doesn’t work as well. Some things are great for a family home but don’t always make your guests happy.What you do want to do is make a great first impression. From the moment a guest walks through your door or sees your photos online, you want them to feel as if they have found a new home from home, a favourite place to stay. To assist with this, we have an interior design team that can help you to get the look of your property just right so you can maximise the revenue-generating possibilities. If we feel that our interior design team will be able to make a significant difference to your potential, we’ll discuss it with you during our initial meeting.

Benefits For You, Benefits For Others

The clearest benefit for any owner is that your property can begin to generate an income which can be quite a substantial amount. The typical average occupancy rate for properties in Whitby is over 70% which will give you an idea of how popular the location is, and how many guests you may be able to accommodate every year. 

For your guests, they’ll often find that staying in a holiday let is more cost-effective than booking a hotel, and the bookings can be more flexible. Even though the average length of stay in Whitby is a couple of nights, many hotels enforce a 1-week or 2-week booking which simply doesn’t work for many families. If you want to get away for a long weekend, or even a short midweek getaway, the regular hotels will not always be willing to help. Giving your guests the chance to get away when they want to, in comfortable surroundings, and a welcoming environment for the whole family, are the greatest benefits anyone could hope for.

Building The Local Economy

When people visit Whitby, they tend to visit the attractions and businesses in Whitby itself, and often the attractions in the surrounding area. This boosts the local economy and helps the town to thrive, year after year. You may think that one family buying fish and chips in Whitby won’t have a great effect, but when each let could house 20, 30, 40, or more families a year, it soon adds up. Local business owners are always happy to be visited by sightseers and holidaymakers, and the income that is generated from these visitors often keeps businesses going through the quiet times. This is all in addition to the income that property owners will make with holiday lets in Sandsend and Whitby. It’s not hard to see why many people find letting their property out as a holiday home is one of the best things they have decided to do.

Get Started With Whitby Holiday Lets Today

All in all, you can see why letting out your property with Host North Yorkshire is a great idea. You’ll make an income, boost the local economy, and make many individuals and families happy that they are able to spend fun holidays in Whitby and North Yorkshire.

It’s never been so easy to get started, and with all the help and support that we can give you, we’re certain you’ll never look back. Your property listing will be of superb quality, and it won’t be long before multiple holidaymakers have stayed in your home and had a truly enjoyable holiday. If you’re considering letting out your property as a holiday home in Whitby, get in touch with us today to start the process. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have and we look forward to getting you into the letting market.

Contact us by email at info@hostyorkshiredales.com or call us on 01287 658171. A member of our team will be happy to speak to you and help you take your first steps with holiday letting in Whitby.

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