Host & Stay x EnviroRental: investing in tourism’s future.

We are thrilled to introduce our partnership with EnviroRental, your go-to source for short-term rental sustainability resources. This collaboration with EnviroRental allows us to provide you with tangible, practical strategies for greening your business. Our commitment to you, to ourselves and to the environment is unwavering, which is why we wholeheartedly support EnviroRental’s mission.

Green action isn’t only smart for the planet, it’s smart for your business as well!

About EnviroRental

Want to make your holiday home more sustainable but don’t know where to start? EnviroRental gives you all the resources you’ll need on your sustainability journey!

EnviroRental is completely free to subscribers and provides resources that will help you grow your business whilst also helping owners save money in response to increasing customer demand

You’ll gain access to a wealth of resources, including roadmaps, webinars, case studies, blogs, and much more, all designed to enrich your understanding of sustainable practices and empower you to make your properties even more environmentally friendly.


Dale Smith, founder of Host & Stay, said: “Having tapped into the services of EnviroRental first-hand, we know what a wealth of resources they have to offer. As we develop our ESG policy we are certain to be collaborating further with EnviroRental and we are delighted to offer our support as a founding partner.”

Benefits of greening your holiday home

Having a greener holiday home will help you grow your business, have a higher profile, save money and enhance profits. A more environmentally efficient business is a great way of giving back to your local and global community.

Travellers are also seeking greener stays. With a whopping 80% of guests stating that travelling more sustainably is most important to them, with 78% of travellers intending to stay in a more sustainable property. It also:
  • Saves money – Implement greener measures and cut costs from day one.
  • Gains publicity – Journalists are interested in eco-stays. Publicity is a great way to raise your profile.
  • Future proofs – Anticipate what the market, finance providers, regulators and staff will expect from STRs.
  • Helps gain bookings – Enhance brand loyalty, enjoy higher repeat/referral rates.

That’s why, we are encouraging you to start taking purposeful sustainable action in your vacation rental business!




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