Our Favourite Walks in Richmond

Wednesday 22nd June, 2022 by hs-admin

When visiting a new place, walking is the perfect way to get around and see so much more than in a moving vehicle – and there’s certainly plenty to see in Richmond, North Yorkshire.

You could easily spend hours ambling around the town’s centre, but if you’re looking for something a little more structured, there are lots of picturesque walks to do with the entire family. Here are some of our favourites.

Richmond Falls

The River Swale runs right along the market town of Richmond, right below the historic stone walls of 11th-century Richmond Castle.

Take a stroll down Millgate at the bottom of the town’s market square and you’ll come to Riverside Road, which, as its name suggests, runs along the north bank of the River Swale.

Just as you reach the river, you’ll find a series of beautiful and picturesque waterfalls, where the river drops over a low ledge that stretches almost the entire length of the south bank.

The walk to and along the river is perfect for families, with a shallow pool above the waterfall where you’ll often find children splashing and families picnicking.

Hudswell Woods 

There’s always something to see and do at Hudswell Woods, no matter what time of year you’re visiting. From walking through the woods and collecting pine cones to picnicking by the river, birdwatching and spotting local wildlife to just simply relaxing and watching the river flow by, this is a place for everyone to enjoy.

Hudswell Woods is a National Trust site, and has an array of activities on offer all year round to keep the kids entertained and end the day full of knowledge. 

Enjoy a guided walk on one of the many trails, build dens in the woods, take part in geocaching by using a GPS device to find your way through or become a nature detective for the day – whatever kind of day out you’re looking for, Hudswell Woods can offer it.

Dogs are more than welcome in the woods and can roam the many trails with you, however you may stumble across livestock in the fields, so it’s best to keep them on a lead. You can find their “doggy dos and don’ts” here.

Bolton-on-Swale Lake Nature Reserve

If you enjoy birds and wildlife, you must visit Bolton-on-Swale Lake Nature Reserve.

Created as a result of sand and gravel quarrying, this is one of a few large areas of open water in this part of North Yorkshire and attracts a wide range and number of breeding and wintering wildfowl every year.

Birds frequenting the lake include cormorant, oystercatcher, mallard, teal, shoveler, mute swan, coot, greylag goose, pochard, tufted duck, lapwing and sand martin.

The Yorkshire Wildlife Trust own and manage the Reserve, having purchased some of the gravel pits in 1985 and other pits between 1985 to 1993.

The Trust allows access to the lake and its bird hide for free.

Easby Abbey

The Richmond and Easby Abbey Walk not only provides amazing scenery to enjoy, but it’s also a fun stroll too. Whether you are hoping to take in some lovely panoramic views along the River Swale or are attempting to immerse yourself in some local history by visiting the buildings on offer, this walk will tick all the boxes.

As you walk east along the banks of the River Swale from the trailhead, you’ll be surrounded by views of Richmond Castle, which dates back to the 11th century. If you want a closer look, don’t worry; the return portion of the walk will take you along the opposite bank of the river, directly past the remains. Continue along the river’s edge, taking in the lovely views across the water and immersing yourself in this magnificent riverside setting until you reach Easby Abbey on the opposite bank.

Before continuing west along the banks of the River Swale, take some time to see the famous 12th century Abbey. 

After soaking in the sights, return to the trailhead by walking back towards the water’s edge and crossing the bridge.

If you’re keen to talk a walk through the historic and eye catching sights of Richmond, head over to our website to find a fantastic selection of holiday homes in the heart of Richmond and surrounding areas!

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