North Yorkshire: Shopping in Whitby

Thursday 10th March, 2022 by hs-admin

When you’re on your staycation it’s likely you’re going to want to take a memorable item home to remember your trip, or give to loved ones who missed out on the visit.

The North Yorkshire beach is known for its famous Whitby Jet. It’s a type of coal-substance that washes up on the beaches of Whitby, which is approximately 182 million years old and made from decaying wood under extreme pressure.

Not only does Whitby have some fabulous jewellers, selling quality Whitby Jet, of course, but also some independently owned shops selling quirky items. Keep reading for some of our favourites…

Whitby Distillery 

The award-winning London Dry Gin is distilled in small batches in the heart of Whitby. 

A new and bigger distillery is opening this year which acquired the lease of two derelict barns near the world famous Whitby Abbey. 

Small gift sets start from £18, and a large bottle of gin starts from £39.

Lucky Ducks (Whitby Glass)

Feeling lucky? Don’t worry if not, head to Lucky Ducks…

The shop specialises in handcrafted glassware such as teddy bears, elephants, dolphins, and a whole family of animals, and, of course, The Whitby lucky duck. 

It is the original and undoubtedly the best lucky duck that you could buy. Choose from a range of colours, such as birthstone themes. 

The ducks are protected by copyright and thousands have been sold to holidaymakers, actors and film/TV personalities. They go to all parts of the world and start from £5.

Justin Chocolatier

Have you got a sweet tooth?

Justin Chocolatier’s make everything on their premises including fudge, toffee and chocolate. 

Try traditional items such as cinder toffee and butter fudge, or perhaps something more adventurous with the likes of Captain Cook’s rum truffle cannon balls or Dracula themed chocolates. 

Whether you want to indulge or take some favourites home to friends and family, this shop is definitely worth stopping at. 

Fortune’s Kippers

Fortune’s Kippers is Whitby’s only traditional smokehouse, established in 1872 and smoking kippers for over 149 years. 

It’s one of Whitby’s most famous attractions, as you can see the kippers hanging ready to be smoked and purchased to take home. 

Fortune’s don’t only smoke herring but also have other products to enjoy, including smoked salmon, smoked haddock and smoked bacon.

If paté is your thing you need to try their kipper paté, which is extremely popular with the shop’s customers.

Whitby Jet Store

Whitby Jet is one of the most popular items you can bring home from your trip to the North Yorkshire beach. 

You can have the jet in a jewellery form such as in a necklace, a pair of earrings, a bracelet or a gemstone. 

From classic and elegant, to modern and contemporary, the shop’s collections are locally inspired, and created in the shop for you to see.

Whitby Cheese Company

The Whitby Cheese Company produces traditional hand-crafted cheese made with local Jersey cow’s milk. 

Many of the cheeses produced at the firm have been named after a Whitby link. There is the Endeavour, named after Captain Cook’s vessel, and the Whitby Jet, which is flavoured with seaweed. The Regatta is one of the best-selling cheeses, seasoned with chipotle chillies. 

They offer free cheese tasting too – what’s not to love?!

Whitby Galleries 

Established in 1993, Whitby Galleries is one of North Yorkshire’s leading small art galleries. 

It features landscape prints of Whitby during different weather times or seasons, and also quirky wall art to make a statement piece in your home.

A trip to Whitby wouldn’t be complete without a memorable item to decorate your home with.

Planning your next staycation? Visit our holiday cottages in North Yorkshire.

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