Dedicated to fostering sustainability and conscious travel, ManageGreen shows our commitment to environmental responsibility and signifies an important step forward in reshaping the landscape of holiday let and short-term rental management.  It’s a key part of our ESG strategy, and integral to the values of our business. 

ManageGreen is an initiative driven by a conscious effort to bring sustainability to the forefront of holiday let management, while also providing a multitude of benefits for property owners and guests alike. 

The ManageGreen offering includes:

  • Partnerships and carbon reduction
  • Green accreditation
  • Energy efficient tech solutions
  • Eco-conscious travel guides 

Partnerships and carbon reduction

Our forward-thinking partners help us to achieve our goal of replacing products with more eco-conscious options, such as eliminating single-use plastics, and transitioning to recycled toilet paper in properties we clean. They’re also helping us to establish our baseline carbon footprint and implement a carbon reduction plan, as well as enabling us to support initiatives such as tree planting and reforestation in local areas.


Green accreditation

We’re working with Sustonica, the first sustainability badge and recognition for short term rentals, helping guests to easily find eco-conscious properties. Making properties more eco-conscious is important for a number of reasons, but one key reason is to meet the growing interest in sustainable tourism.

A report from in 2023 showed that 76% of global travellers say that they want to travel more sustainably over the coming 12 months, with 43% willing to pay extra for travel options with a sustainable certification.

With the global demand for sustainable travel options on the rise, Sustonica addresses a critical need in the market and provides Host & Stay guests with the assurance that their choices align with their values. With more guests searching for sustainable properties, this means that Host & Stay homeowners are more likely to see their properties appeal to a wider audience.  

Energy efficient tech solutions

resiAIR is our innovative, smart technology designed to manage your property’s energy use from afar. It senses when guests are in or out, and controls the lights and/or heating appropriately. This product is exclusive to Host & Stay and ensures savings on costs, emissions and the frustrations of a standard system. This WiFI enabled technology can be retrofitted into any property and is the only product on the market to take real-time measurements from 12 sensors and automatically take action on them.

Whether ceiling or wall-mounted, resiAIR links up with the resicentral portal for full visibility and control, ensuring that lights and heating are turned on for guests arriving on chilly and dark winter afternoons, and turned off when no longer needed after check out time. From temperature to humidity, noise to occupancy, resiAIR™ captures it all so property owners can quickly and easily benefit from efficiencies and savings of up to 32% on property energy costs.

resiair for new Host & Stay ownersResiair for existing Host & Stay owners

Eco-conscious travel guides

Our eco-conscious guides ensure guests can make informed choices on travel in and around our properties. From highlighting public transportation routes and EV charging spots, to promoting eco-friendly activities and supporting local businesses, our online guides provide guests with the resources needed to minimise their environmental impact whilst maximising their experience.

By prioritising community engagement and the environment, we’re redefining UK staycations for the modern, conscious traveller. 

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