resiAIR™ smart property management can save you up to 32% on your property energy costs.

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What is ResiAIR™?

Designed specifically for our Host & Stay property owners, resiAIR™ is an all-in-one sensor for your property that drives down energy costs, and enhances guest experience. It’s innovative, WiFi enabled technology can be entirely retrofitted into any property and is the only solution on the market that takes real-time measurements from 12 sensors, and then automatically takes action on those readings.

From temperature to humidity, or noise to occupancy, ResiAIR™ captures it all, allowing you to quickly and easily benefit from efficiencies and cost savings.

How ResiAIR™ is Used

resiAIR™ is a wall or ceiling mounted device with an array of sensors monitoring your property in realt-time, and taking automated action based on our industry leading rule engines. Once resiAIR™ is installed in your property, it connects to the resicentral portal for full visibility and control. This data rich portal gives an overview of your property and the environment inside, and allows fully customisable ‘if this, then that’ rules.

Gone are the days of guests leaving the heating at high temperatures whilst out for dinner, and no longer will the housekeeper leave the lights on by accident. resiAIR™ ensures your energy consumption is managed effectively and efficiently, as well as guarding against excessive guest noise, and identifying proactive maintenance requirements.

How ResiAIR™ Works

Scenario 1
Guests check out at 10am and leave the lights on.

Scenario 1
Host &
Stay know that check out time is 10am so set ResiAIR™ to switch off lights and set heating to an ambient temperature.

Scenario 2
Guests are due to check in at 4pm. 

Scenario 2
Host &
Stay want to enhance our guest experience, so increase the temperature just ahead of arrival, and switch the hall light on. 

Scenario 3
Guests checked in at 4pm and turned the heating to 26 degrees. They also turned all the lights on.

Scenario 3
By 6pm there has been no motion detected in
the property as the guest has likely left for dinner.
Host & Stay adapt the temperature to an ambient level and turn lights off.  

Installation of ResiAIR™

The equipment is installed by a member of the resicentral install team and takes between 2 and 4 hours. A typical installation includes:

  • The existing thermostat will be replaced with a new one.
  • ResiAIR™ will be installed in a central location either on a wall or the ceiling.
  • An additional electric meter will be fitted alongside your existing one.
  • ResiNODEs will be fitted inside the existing light switches.

The installation method depends entirely on the individual property. Some wiring may be needed between the above devices but there are options for wireless versions if cabling isn’t practical.

ResiAIR™ & ESG

ResiAIR™ promotes sustainability and energy efficiency. This is key as green travel and sustainable accommodation becomes more prevalent in the short term let industry.

What’s more, resicentral pledge to plant a tree for every property using resicentral technology so together we can build a brighter, more sustainable future for all.


Will this slow my internet down?

No, the devices only use a small amount of data and only use the 2.4ghz spectrum. Your standard WiFi router will usually have two types of WiFi coming from it: 2.4ghz and 5ghz. Phones and laptops will usually connect to the 5ghz which is faster and is unaffected by device on the 2.4ghz Wi-Fi.

Do I need special light switches?

No, ResiAIR™ can use existing light switches in your property. A module called a ResiNODE is fitted inside the light switch box which makes them smart but they act just like they did prior to the installation.

Does the system work with oil or electric heating?

The resicentral system is flexible enough so that it can work with almost all existing types of heating systems. ResiNODEs can be used in different ways to control gas boilers, electric panel heaters, underfloor heating system plus many more.

Do I need internet?

Yes, ResiAIR™ does need internet to operate but it doesn’t need to be particularly fast as the system only uses a small amount of data.

Do I have to have all the resicentral features?

If you don’t think that you require all the elements of the system, the team can tailor a package to meet your requirements.

What data is gathered about my property?

Lots of different metrics about your property are collected. Some of this data is just for a live view and some is stored for longer. We collect temperature, humidity, ambient sound levels, air quality, electrical usage, light levels, movement data and track energy costs.

How is the data used?

The data stored is only for a limited amount of time and doesn’t go beyond our company. For full details see the resicentral privacy policy.

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