A Guide to Free Parking in Whitby

Thursday 21st May, 2020 by Host & Stay

Due to the nature of the town centre, Whitby parking can be difficult. Controlled parking zones, permit zones, pay-and-display parking… You name it, Whitby has it and it can be confusing for new visitors to the area. That’s why we’ve put together our handy guide to parking in Whitby so you’re fully prepared when you arrive.

Keep reading for in-depth information about Whitby parking scratch cards, the W zones in Whitby and where you can find additional free parking throughout the town.

Whitby W Zone Parking

There are a number of different zones throughout Whitby for parking. Whitby W zones in particular are for pre-paid parking permits which allow guests visiting the area and staying in nearby accommodation to park in this zone.

Please see our map of the W zones in Whitby. All of the streets which are highlighted in yellow are Whitby W zones.

The streets within the Whitby W zones include:

  • Argyle Road
  • Back St Hilda’s Terrace
  • Crescent Avenue
  • Havelock Place
  • Hudson Street
  • John Street
  • Well Cl Square
  • West Terrace

Whitby Parking Scratch Cards

A lot of our properties, especially in the town centre, provide Whitby parking scratch cards for the duration of our guests stay. The scratch cards entitle guests to free on-street parking in the Whitby W zones when the scratch card is on display in their vehicle.

If you’re staying at one of our properties which provides a parking scratch card, it will be inside the property ready for your arrival. We recommend you stay in your vehicle whilst another member of your party accesses the property at your check in time to retrieve the scratch card. If you are travelling solo, leave your car in a free parking spot while you retrieve the card.

Please follow the instructions on the scratch card very carefully and please refer to the following information if you get stuck:

  • You need to scratch the year, month and day of arrival. Do not scratch off every day of your stay as this will make the permit invalid. The only day which should be scratched off is the first day.
  • Remember to add your vehicle registration number in the white box next to the W.
  • Remember to add the name of the property you are staying in underneath ‘Holiday Accommodation Name’.
  • The parking scratch card is ONLY valid in the W zones in Whitby. Parking in any other zone could lead to a parking ticket.
  • Once you have followed all of the instructions on the scratch card carefully, the parking scratch card must be clearly displayed in your vehicle.
  • Depending on the duration of your stay, you may be provided multiple scratch cards to cover the number of nights of your reservation. We will either provide 2 night or 4 night scratch cards so please remember to replace the scratch card once it is due to expire. If you are replacing a scratch card which is due to expire, please ensure the day you have scratched off on the new card is the day you’re displaying the new card from.

Failure to follow the instructions could result in a parking ticket so we recommend taking your time to understand the details before filling out the card.

Additional Free Parking in Whitby

If you’re looking for additional free parking in Whitby, you’re more likely to find this on the West Cliff compared to the East side.

Please see below the areas in Whitby where you may find additional free parking:

  • Spring Vale – this street is between Upgang Lane and the A174 and can be accessed from the mini roundabout.
  • The little backstreets which run parallel to St Hilda’s and lead to Skinner Street (this is 24 hour free parking only).
  • Along the North Terrace, from the corner of Royal Hotel down towards Sandsend.

However before leaving your vehicle, please check all road signs to ensure you aren’t parked in a permit zone, parking zone or pay-and-display area. If you are unsure, we’d recommend moving your vehicle to another location which clearly states free parking to avoid the change of receiving a parking ticket.

If you have any questions about Whitby parking, our friendly team are always on hand to help. Please don’t hesitate to call our office on 01287 658171 or email info@hostandstay.co.uk.


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