Naming Your Holiday Home

Friday 26th July, 2019 by Host & Stay

Naming your holiday home can seem like a daunting task. We understand there’s a lot of pressure to get it right. After all, the name you decide on needs to reflect your property, so you want to choose wisely. In today’s blog, we’re going to discuss some handy tips to help you find the perfect fit.


Think about the location of your property. Are there any local features that could inspire the name for your holiday home? Wildlife such as native flowers, plants and animals are a great starting point as they are an amazing source of inspiration when deciding on a name.

Rock Pipit Apartment in Whitby was inspired by Rock Pipit birds which can often be found on the harbour walls in the town. Rock Pipit rolls off the tongue nicely and suits this cosy, seaside apartment perfectly.


Alternatively, inspiration for the name of your holiday home could come from a local landmark so ask yourself, is your property near anything significant? This could be a bridge, statue, building or a natural landmark such as a waterfall or river.

Cowbar View Cottage in Staithes was inspired by the local Cowbar Nab. The name is unique and memorable making it the ideal fit for this quirky property.



Does your property a have a fascinating history that you could draw inspiration from? It’s worth researching what your property was once used for and when it was built. This could provide you with an original name which has a special and memorable meaning.

The aptly named Duck Down Cottage in Whitby was built in 1690 reportedly using stones from a demolished castle. Properties in the 17th century were often built with low ceilings to retain heat, so this property name is both personal and quirky.



Think about the emotional feeling a name evokes for your potential guests. If your property is a quaint cottage, tug on nostalgic heartstrings with a charming name that brings back fond memories – just try not to be clichéd or unoriginal. If your holiday home is modern and stylish, choose a unique name which inspires your potential guests to new ventures.

Maison Parfaite HG1 in Harrogate is an original and memorable name which suits the property’s eccentric and contemporary style.



Make sure the name you choose fits your property. For example – if you have a one bedroom apartment in a building block, avoid calling it a lodge or a house as this is misleading for your guests.

The Nook in Saltburn is an interesting name which suits the property perfectly. The solitary cottage sits in the edge of a bank so ‘The Nook’ is ideal as it creates a sense of privacy and cosiness.


If you’d like more advice, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are experts in holiday let management so we’d love to help!

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